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Why Telecom Companies Must Take Advantage of Telecom Managed Service Providers.

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Telecom companies are ever in tight competition. The most successful of such firms are those that constantly keep up with technology, provide affordable service, and optimize the general customer experience. It is also essential for telecom companies to keep up with the needs of their clients. Customer preferences keep shifting, especially because of innovations. The current trend is for customers to go for hybrid managed services.

With hybrid managed telecom services, the customers get to manage part of the service themselves. The telecom company has to manage the main parts of the service. For instance, a client can manage the routing of their service, while the telecom service provider has to manage security and firewall. To increase their efficiency, many telecom companies are finding it beneficial to use telecom managed services providers.

Next is a glimpse of reasons why you should consider using a telecom managed services provider for your company.

24/7 monitoring

With the help of managed service providers, the telecom services is monitored round the clock, meaning all issues with customer experience can be noted fast and resolved quickly. The easiest way to lose clients is to let them suffer through problems with your service for long periods. Customers will shift to a more reliable service easily in such instances. To prevent this, you can engage an MSP for 24/7 monitoring of the network and software.

Resolving of issues with your IT Infrastructure

Such services will monitor your IT infrastructure, take note of events, and even offer solutions. Diagnosis and assessment of events in your infrastructure will help get your service back up fast, and this will reduce possible inconveniences to clients.

The service monitoring will cover the internet connection, speed, customer usage levels, and bottlenecks. Besides, the managed service providers note all drains in bandwidth and provide suggestions on the source of the leaks.

Stay consistently aware of the Performance of your Telecom Service

Without MSP’s, it is almost impossible for you to know exactly how users are enjoying your service. Are your systems down? Is the connection slow? For you to know exactly what is going on with your telecom services, you should take advantage of telecom managed service providers. They will not just constantly monitor the service, but will also send you alerts when your connection is sub-optimal.

Typically, you will get alerted via media such as the monitoring portal, emails, and phone messaging services. Managed telecom services are usually quick when it comes to reporting issues, and this will result in minimum disruption to your customers.

Why should you Use Our Managed Telecom Service?

All telecom managed service providers will monitor your network for better customer experience. However, at ExterNetworks, we go the extra mile and proactively monitor your connection. That means we will send you alerts almost immediately an issue is noted in your IT infrastructure. In this way, problems can be solved even before they occur. Instead of watching ongoing events in your network, our company tracks the root of the issue. This allows us to predict problems that are likely to affect your service, and these are immediately transferred to an appropriate team.

Through the team’s efforts, a solution will be arrived at, and you will be notified of the matter. We have different teams that handle a wide range of problems, and their work always ensures quick resolution of network events.

Our service will even cover the key performance metrics of your telecom company. Your IT infrastructure will be consistently monitored to check if your performance is optimum, and the reports on this matter are generated continuously.

Sometimes, we may be unable to resolve issues with your infrastructure remotely. In such cases, we will send an engineer over to your site to fix the problem. Depending on your service levels, our firm will also manage the replacement of faulty parts in a swift and efficient manner.

These steps can lead to a quick and effective resolution of the matter, therefore, giving your clients the minimum disruption possible.


Telecom companies need to provide optimum services to their clients to keep customer satisfaction consistently high. Otherwise, clients are going to move on to other service providers. A good and reliable way to optimize the performance of your network is to enlist the services of managed services in the telecom industry.


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Author Poorna Mohan
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