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Why It’s Cost Effective to Outsource NOC Services

Written By Poorna Mohan
Author Poorna Mohan


It’s easy to see why enterprise businesses, MSPs, and small businesses may feel that keeping all IT operations in-house is the most suitable course of action. The team knows the company’s broader goals, and can be most trusted to handle the important architecture.


However, by not outsourcing certain IT functions, such as help desk or network operation center (NOC) services, your IT staff may not find the time to focus on strategic business initiatives. Instead, most of their efforts will be directed towards day-to-day tasks a third-party provider could handle.

On top of all that, outsourcing NOC services offers significant other benefits. Here are the numerous ways you can benefit.

It’s Cheaper

Cutting costs so you can boost your bottom line and pass savings to clients is important for any enterprise, MSP, or small business. Currently, according to PayScale, the average salaries of IT workers range from just over $61,000 for a systems administrator to nearly $98,000 for a senior software engineer. Add that in with benefits, and your IT team is easily one of your most significant investments.

A good way to reduce this labor cost is to outsource certain daily tasks, like NOC monitoring. Outsourcing has long been a way for businesses to obtain cost savings, and it’s no different with outsourced NOC services. According to a survey of companies that have gone to third-party providers, the increase in ROI and/or cost savings has been an average of 28 percent.

It Saves Labor and Time

Unfortunately, most enterprises, MSPs, and small businesses aren’t fully utilizing the talents of their IT staff. They are spending lots of time on network monitoring activities that can be handled by an external provider. These include services like application troubleshooting, data storage management, email hosting, and threat analysis.

By outsourcing these duties to a third-party NOC, your IT department can focus on business growth strategies. This allows you to simultaneously handle the issues of today while building for success tomorrow.

It Provides Excellent Support

NOCs offer 24×7 services that can not only help mitigate damage caused by cyber-attacks, but also even prevent them. This is especially important for businesses today, as cyber-attacks affect every industry and internet service provider networks are being increasingly targeted. Every second, NOCs provide full problem monitoring and offer quick solutions when a problem does arrive. NOCs work to spot issues before they turn into something major, which helps optimizes network uptime. During peak hours, NOCs also manage traffic flow and reduce risk and downtime.

By choosing the right service, you can ensure a more reliable and secure network. Quality NOC services will also ensure SLA commitments are satisfied—a key to keeping customers happy. All of this makes your network much more efficient. The amount of resources you’ll use to manage it will be reduced, and your operation will be running as lean as ever.

Going Forward with Outsourced NOC Services

If you aren’t working with a third-party NOC now, you should be considering it because the benefits are hard to ignore. Once you are working with a NOC, you’ll not only find that you have more time to focus on business growth. You’ll also find that that you have more money to fund it.

So contact ExterNetworks at one of our seven offices to get started today.


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Why Outsource NOC Services?

Author Poorna Mohan
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