Called by Many Names, IoT is theFuture and it's Coming Fast

Internet of Things

The 'Internet of Things', IoT and M2M solutions symbolize the next evolution of Internet, it's transforming the business playing field; creating opportunities for new revenue sources, smarter customer interaction, and greater efficiencies. Yet, IoT presents many technical challenges.

With an estimated one trillion devices connected to each other by 2025, networking is the toughest development challenge for IoT applications: How to securely connect intelligent devices via the internet to your enterprise, capture data at the 'point-of-action', and analyze huge volumes of machine-generated data in real-time is a big challenge. We're ready for it.

As a business network grows, the complexity of managing the machines and devices housed on it grows commensurately. With the addition of M2M, the environment becomes even more complicated. Inevitably, most organizations will be overwhelmed by day-to-day management of a multi-tiered and constantly-evolving M2M platform. We have an answer.

ExterNetworks, helps businesses leverage IoT technologies to create new services with innovative business models that cut costs, increase productivity and ignite revenues. By delivering customized IoT and M2M Solutions and quality services, business performance can be maximized. We design dynamic IoT and M2M to help businesses stay competitive by adopting new technologies with streamlined processes. Innovative new services increase productivity, reduce costs, boost profits and deliver superior ROI.

IoT and M2M Solutions Simplified

With growth of the IOT in the future, security and privacy concerns will become priorities for all individuals, homes, and businesses. Along with great opportunities for innovation comes exposure for network security breaches. The challenge is how to harness the power of IoT and M2M while ensuring that data security isn't compromised.

We protect you by planning ahead to secure the collected data through encryptions, access policies and other layers of security. ExterNetworks offers you a strategic and customized approach to managing your M2M environment through integrated security design and capacity planning. Optimal management solutions are aligned with your business needs, security policies and conceived to augment your network performance.

We offer secure networks, device management, granular billing platforms, cross network integration, infrastructure, mapping, hardware, and a best-in-class industry experience, plus visibility, transparency and control. Real-time information that mitigates risk expertly delivered through ExterNetworks professional services including consulting, evaluation and road-mapping; and solution specific design of high-level IT systems architecture.

Our Benefits

From remotely monitoring assets to bundled services, leverage our core competencies in analysis, design, deployment and support of mission-critical IoT solutions and extensive experience in implementing and supporting "connected device" solutions. Our superior understanding of how an end-to-end solution should operate and a full range of managed technology solutions ensure 24x7x365 peace of mind for all business-critical applications.

  • Better monetization of enterprise infrastructure.
  • Reduced capital expenditure to support IoT/M2M.
  • A suite of IoT/M2M solutions as a service for specific verticals.
  • On-demand reports of data trends, usage statistics and custom KPIs.
  • Smart APIs integrating back-office systems and bespoke applications.
  • Simplified device management and network connectivity to enhance efficiency.

Your ExterNetworks Advantage

The IoT and M2M market is complex and scattered, with vendors offering a wide variety of components and solutions. We simplify and streamline, focusing on solutions to reduce complexity and integrate the right mix of partners to ensure components work seamlessly over the global network. From design and consultation to systems integration and security solutions, to solution development and implementation, a complete suite of professional services to support customers at every stage of the solutions life cycle.

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