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At ExterNetworks, we not only outwork the competition, we out-think them, too. Count on continuous technical innovation, 24/7/365 monitoring, proactive threat detection, and swift service response with global reach. Help when you need it, virtually and with feet on the ground and on-site if required. Industry best services from certified and superbly trained professionals deliver comprehensive and streamlined processes efficiently and cost-effectively. Everything we do is designed to maximize utilization of your resources, and is assured by redundant state-of-the-art facilities. The support you need is always there, whenever and wherever you need it; around the clock and around the world.

Seamless Connectivity

Secure and seamless connection to your infrastructure that helps manage workflow, and features 24/7/365 monitoring and the industry’s most advanced threat and event detection. Our response to incidents is both proactive and reactive. We don't just wait for your call when something goes wrong, but work harder to identify potential problems in your network and prevent them from occurring. Our seasoned engineers execute and manage all system back-ups and administration of networks and servers, ensuring seamless, unbroken continuity of service.

Routine Troubleshooting

Our goal is to optimize your uptime, and we do it with ongoing troubleshooting and comprehensive analysis of your servers, workstations and associated systems. We leverage detailed metrics and continuously updated reports to stay abreast of the most sophisticated and complex networks including LAN, WAN, fiber, optics, wireless, data centers, applications and networks of every kind, cloud and applications, providers, data centers and more.

Round the Clock Protection

At ExterNetworks we never sleep; we’re always on duty. This means you’ll sleep better knowing that our response to any service request is immediate, threats are detected sooner rather than later, and your customers and employees can depend upon a more satisfying and dependable experience. All at lower cost, with fewer headaches and services that are aligned to meet your needs and objectives.

Total Control of your Networks

The ExterNetworks NOC is a truly empowering strategic resource that combines continuous technological innovation with industry best practices. This provides nimble but customized solutions for every client on their terms. The goal is to give clients total control over their networks, without having to babysit their networks. Our state-of-the-art NOC enables you to do much more with much less, thanks to better utilization of resources and reduced costs, confidently and with peace of mind.

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