Preparation and Planning
Saves Time and Money.

Site Readiness

A lot of money. In fact, smart site readiness can help you reduce lead-time 50%, and get your services up and running faster by eliminating extra waiting time between coordination of your telecommunications providers. We plan with purpose, and then execute flawlessly.

Avoid Extra Charges

We hear it from clients that come to us looking for performance they can count on, after unsatisfactory experiences where promises weren't kept. Their site wasn't ready on time, the test window expired, but despite those bumps in the road the circuit's effective contract term and monthly charges began accruing. With ExterNetworks services your site will be ready on time, and you'll never pay your provider with nothing to show for it.

Expert and Reliable Services

Our installations follow exacting standards and best practices. We guarantee clean service initialization, and eliminate the business drawbacks of recurring reworks to your system.

Anytime, Anywhere Expertise

Local on-site support with highly qualified engineers down the street or around the world.

Mind the GAP

We've eliminated a big problem: Gaps from Internet and telecommunications circuit providers that typically only deliver service to a minimum point of entry (MPOE) in your building, known as the demarcation, or "demarc".

Leaving you responsible for closing the gap between the MPOE and your IT system location with inside wiring, installation of your customer premises equipment (CPE) and then connecting to the circuit to get up and running.

Demarc extension is another part of the complex task of site readiness and requires specialized field technicians and special equipment that is beyond the expertise of most organizations in-house IT staff. Relax. We've got it handled and you're covered.

Request for Site Readiness

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