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Security Services

The headlines are full of it, and more so every day. Security is everyone's concern, because a breach risks everything. For all its function and capacity, the Internet has in some ways become a less secure and reliable medium. Inadequate security can cost you customers, profits, your business and your future. ExterNetworks Managed Security Solutions protect you with a range of proprietary tools and processes to lessen the incessant onslaught of viruses, guard against outside intrusions that eliminate key system codes, and defend against the malicious commands they trigger.

Our Approach: Reduced Risk, Improved Security, and Lower Costs

Threats are growing more hostile, budgets are tighter, and skills to safeguard your IT environment are critical. The same web applications, mobile, social media, and even Big Data technologies that offer so much can also be high-risk and inefficient if they aren't safely managed. We ensure you'll overcome these challenges by proactively monitoring and analyzing the threat landscape, and by creating highly customized solutions.

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The best defense of your business assets against cyber-attacks is a better understanding of the first signs of a breach. Using both proactive and systematized security monitoring and analysis, our tailored managed security solutions discover signs of penetration in network traffic and security logs that can help stay proactively vigilant of cyberattacks. We identify weaknesses and close gaps and areas of vulnerability across your network infrastructure.

Managed Security Services

Setting up effective firewalls at your network boundaries is a crucial step in securing your complex infrastructure. Our all-inclusive and smart firewall service includes security policy management, application mindful firewalling, integrated and flexible Unified Threat Management (UTM), IPSEC and SSL Virtual Private Network (VPN) management, Network Address Translation (NAT) management and more.

The ExterNetworks Advantage

From designing to implementing and managing to monitoring your cloud environment, our cloud-based solutions ensure utmost security and maximum performance. Customized and aligned with your business requirements and seamlessly integrated with your network, we use sophisticated tools, methodologies and processes to ensure that you take full advantage of the Cloud and do it cost-effectively. ExterNetworks specializes in improving your business performance by providing in-depth knowledge and proven processes to provide:

  • Vendor agnostic solutions.
  • Greater benefits than On-Premise Cloud.
  • Lower costs of initial infrastructure set-up.
  • Accelerated deployment and lower recurring costs.
  • Greater flexibility to support dynamic needs and new technologies.
  • Greater benefits without additional cost or disruption of services.
  • Superior security, convenience and flexibility easily managed applications.
  • Customized 'Pay-as-you-use' billing.
  • Efficient, time-saving installation, configuration and management.
  • Easier scalability aligned with your requirements.
  • Rapidly replace or add new resources with flexible on-demand service models.
  • Save up to 30% with our managed NOC Services.
  • Mix and match our on-demand service delivery models to maximize your benefits.

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